Action Photos

More than 100 hours have been clocked testing XRV's in harsh environments including sand dunes, beaches, forest trails & rocky tracks. Often an XRV is pushed so hard as to try & break certain components.

Many hours of testing have included pushing the XRV beyond its design limits, this has been done to find out what fails first so these areas can be improved upon. This has resulted in a very tough & strong offroad buggy.

Just take a look :

The XRV loves its "air time". Here Brad gives the XRV a bootfull over some bumps.
High up on a dune face, the XRV hauls up dunes so easily due to the superior traction of the torque converter drive, paddle tyres & a lightweight buggy.
The XRV has so much low down grunt you can also do the slow trials driving & pick your way up tricky hill tracks.
Hitting a yump at speed throws the XRV up but still nice & level.
Hard into a high speed corner, Jamie keeps his foot to the floor. This is where you hone your rally driving skills.
Woops!, Greg didn't notice that off camber bump. But the long travel suspension will make sure both Greg & the XRV keep on going in comfort.
Across the top of a Dune, Tony goes where the VW buggies fear to tread.
Greg doing what he loves best, gaining more frequent flyer points!
A gloomy rainy day, but its still fun. 110 watts of spotlights makes sure everyone else can see you & the mud tyres keep the XRV hooking up.
More air, keep the throttle on & the nose high.

Greg decides that he wants to go the other direction, tap the rear brake give the steering a flick & get back on the gas. This equals a 180 degree turn, at 100kph!!

Jamie loves the sound of the Vanguard working hard, on the gas & throw it straight into a corner, easy.
Coming down a sand dune ridge.
The K&N air filter option copes with the fine Australian bulldust with ease, the XRV stirs it up quickly.
Hard on the gas coming out of a corner & the front wheels claw the air.
Rutted 4x4 tracks are never a worry, they just create awesome banked corners to play with.
Jumping again, one guy does it so they all have to have a go.
on_trailer.jpg (22350 bytes) 
On the trailer ready to go for a days fun.
Greg testing a front end landing, the long travel suspension soaks it up when you stuff it up!
The XRV is a very lightweight buggy so hitting bumps at speed tends to give you a little air time.
After a full day of testing the corner became very rutted & exposed a tree root, the Bearclaw tyres found the tree root real good for traction!
The tree root sucked the XRV onto its roof & into the tree itself !
After flipping the XRV back onto its wheels we gave it 3 minutes for the oil to drain back to the sump & it was ready to go again. The only damage was torn rollbar padding & sore throats from laughing so much!  
The XRV loves to play in the rough stuff................why? because it can!
Playing with the Throttle gets the rear wheels spinning, you don't want to be behind an XRV ! But then again, how are you going to get in front?
Greg puhes the XRV a little to hard into a corner & nearly took out the fence with millimetres to spare.
The XRV is wide, sure footed & menacing. The upswept nose gives it maximum frontal clearence, the width gives stability & lots of wheel travel. The multi braced chassis gives race car type stiffness & protection to the driver.  
Steering is precise, a high ratio quick turn rack & pinion combined with computer designed steering geometry makes the XRV incredibly nimble.
Bumps?, what bumps. In the XRV you don't worry about the bumps, You play with em!. This buggy is so stable & comfortable you go looking for bumps just to make the day more exciting.

Gregs XRV fitted with 25x8x12" front tyres & 26x12x12" rear tyres takes a jump at Lancelin sand dunes. Little effort is required to get good air.
Tony launches the XRV off of Lancelin sand dunes front face. The 627cc motor grunts you all the way to the top of these tall dunes.

Greg lined up with the Moto X boys doing their "Crusties" jumps, after a few laps they just had to stop & watch.
Gregs XRV getting more air in the dunes, this time even higher.
No rain means dust, & lots of it!!. The XRV is not bothered with dust, the K&N filter keeps the motor internals clean, but the driver sometimes gets a face full !!.
Crossing a dry creek bed at 70kph really tests the suspension to the limit. Shown here climbing out of the creek with the front wheels clawing the air.
After four non-stop hours of testing the XRV had chewed the test track into a heavily rutted road. Shown here wheel-standing out of a corner, the rougher the track became the more fun we had.

The wheel ruts are now deeper the XRV's ground clearance. The underbelly of the XRV is fully Aluminium plated with nothing hanging low. The XRV simply skids over the dirt & rocks while still managing to get traction.
More ruts, more sand & more dust. You keep going, you have a job to do!. Test it to the limits. Its tough, but hey, someone has to do it!!.
Took it into the corner & hook it in fast!. If your going to play with the big boys going slow proves nothing.
Parked on the Dunes in the United Arab Emirates.
This XRV is one of 20 XRV's used for Desert Adventure tours.
Another adventure in the dunes of United Arab Emirates.
This XRV climbs the dune face with ease.
Cruising the dunes of United Arab Emirates in an XRV does not give you much time to take in the breath taking scenery. But coming down those massive dune faces certainly catches your breath !..
Its winter time & that means its a little wet. The XRV is in there somewhere. Yes the buggy survived still running OK, but the driver was rather damp!
The XRV is sold all over the World. Some places are not as dry as the Australian summer. So some wet weather testing in a winter environment tests the XRV's water skills..
Hopping over a dirt mound.
Hitting a stream crossing hard gets the front suspension really working.
Going hard up the hill, front wheels clawing the air.
The track was graded flat an hour before this shot